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Our boats

Take a look at our boats here to see which might suit you, then give Lochore meadows a call on 01592 583388 to book a slot!

Got questions? Email us at or fill in our contact form here.

Challenger trimarans

Best for those who wold like to sail independently

Challenger trimarans are designed for, but not limited to, disabled sailors who can, if necessary, be hoisted aboard. Once you are in it’s a bit like sitting at a desk with all the sail controls in front of you! Challengers offer the most independence of all our boats because you can start out with a buddy. As you gain confidence you can become both helm (steerer) and crew (sail operator).

Find out more about these boats here


Best for those who would like to sail with other people and be part of a crew!

Our yacht Kitty offers you the opportunity to choose from being part of a crew, or just enjoying being on the water and sailing! Its a great first boat to book if you are new to sailing to try it out, either as a passenger, or getting involved in crewing (adjusting the sails) and helming (steering). 

A hoist and transfer board are available for those who need them to get into the boat.


Best for those who want to stay in their wheelchair, or just enjoy powerboats!

Our wheelyboat "MerriMac' is perfect if you are a wheelchair user who would like to stay in your wheelchair, or if you just fancy going on a powerboat! With a flip down back that converts into a ramp, the boat is roll-on, roll-off like a ferry. Try out helming (driving) or just be a passenger and enjoy being on the water!


Best for those who want a little more advanced sailing

The weta is a 4.4m long trimaran which has been adapted for our club to enable easy sailing with all the controls in front of you without having to move around the boat! It is a lightweight boat with a jib and spinnaker (extra sails) and is responsive to any wind & movement. This boat can be sailed single handed or with a crew member. 

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